Hard work pays off


After all of the stress that you’ve been through, backaches and even headaches, those nights when you don’t get to sleep very well and the problems that you face in the process, if you really worked hard and prayed harder, you will receive what you really deserve.15151477_1869726166580704_840566394_n

This reward that we had was very unexpected. First, the mechanics that were given was supposedly we are only allow to use a coco lumber  and illustration board for our food cart but when we got to the event, all of them excluding our section, used plywood for their cart instead of illustration board. I asked one of the faculty regarding to our concern and he just  told me that they’ve changed the mechanics, allowing us, the participants, to use plywood but we are not informed that the mechanics were changed.

Second, we almost did not make it on the pre-judging of our food cart. Third, almost all of the other carts were not made by the students rather made by another person and one of them spent Php 6,000.00 for their food cart. Fourth, our product wasn’t a bit hit unlike the others because goat’s meat was our main ingredients but our juice was a bit hit because of its very refreshing feeling – the minty lemonade.img_2333

During the awarding ceremony, we were all hopeless because we already had in our mind who will win the best in food cart and the over all champion. But as the awarding goes, as we celebrate the awards of the other participant, something really unexpected went to our ears, hearing that the best in food cart goes to us – the U.S.A. Adrenaline rush just hits me at run carelessly at the stage to receive the award and not notice that only 2 of us in out group was on stage and the other was left behind. hahahahaha.

After we went back to our group to celebrate, as the Over-All champion award is being announced, we were just in surprise that we, again, was the Over-All champion and every one was just jumping and shouting on the way to the stage and we are just so happy and our hearts are just filled with joy even though everyone in the crowd was just in silence, maybe because they are expecting the award for them.


Hard works, really pays off. And with a prayer, impossible can be possible.



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