7th Asian and Western Cuisine Culminating


The Department of Hospitality Management had its 7th Asian and Western Cuisine Food Festival and Cultural Presentation last November 21, 2016 as part of the annual culminating activity of BSHRM students. It is an all day event promoting CLSU AGRI-TOURISM: A Portal for Knowledge and Technologies for Inclusive Societal Development. The prime of CLSU and other Nueva Ecija prime agricultural products was showcased and available to purchase for start-up entrepreneurs or hobbyist like herbs, mushroom products, soybean, organic farm produce and others.img_2365

The 1st year students had a cultural dance presentation representing their country like Korea, Philippines, Spain, and Mexico, and they had an Infomercial Video Making Contest.

The 2nd year students were in charge of the food cart and its innovative product that features its partnerships’ product like the herbs, soya, goat, mushroom products, organic farm produce and others. They were also give a country to represent from the asian to western and to match up with their products.img_2364

Laro ng Lahi was also held at the event and group teams was composed of 1st years’ to 3rd years’ to be able to connect and have fun with the different people around us.




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