Two Halves of One Heart


We all know that all of us here on Earth has it’s other half waiting for you.

Just like in the Bible, Adam and Eve, they were made by God for each other and we also have our own Adam or Eve in our life, whose perfectly made for us. Like a key and a lock, we will fit each other perfectly even if we both have our flaws and imperfections if our life. We just need to wait for the right time, right manner, right place, for us to meet and be together. We just need to trust and believe in God’s perfect time for us.


We don’t need to rush things in our life. We will not run out of a partner in our life. Like the trees, waiting for it’s season to have it’s fruit and be harvested, we also have our season in our life. We just need to act right on what season are we now.


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