Half Moon Fun

moonwaterThis was taken last August 12, 2016 at the rooftop of my friend’s house. It is one of my most memorable night because we had the time to spend our night with each other, up unlit late ate night and because one of our friend just had a vacation here in the Philippines.

It’s been years since we had that moment and time to spend and it’ll happen again after a year that’s why we just enjoyed our night together.img_0574img_0594

We had our dinner in their house and also watch a movie. We roam around reminiscing the past when we were just playing around their house, going to there roof top and even climbing a tree. We just made the best of of the time that we had.14192001_1170829772989299_2436385968855009920_n

During that night, when we were at the roof top, we just looked in the evening skies and enjoyed the stars. We know that after that, we have to wait for a very long time for that to happen again. But we have no regrets on how we spent our time and just enjoy that moment and that time.



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