Behind Those Wire Fences

img_1003On whatever that you would do, the world will judge you. It is one of the most reason on why most of us keep ourselves at our comfort zone. Afraid that the people around us will judge us when we fail or do things wrong.freedom-in-the-shape-of-a-cross

We’ve been choosing to cage ourselves and our mind to avoid the world’s judgement.

As we go into these situations, we must be reminded that NO ONE could tell who we are, what we are and what we would be. It is only God who knows our real identity and our purpose in this life and only He could judge

Always remember that God is had already gave you your identity and purpose in life and never be affected on what others’ say to you. Be like a seed instead, as they try to put you down, remember that God waters you to make you grow as a person to be ready to face new challenges in this life.


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